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21 December 2023

A new wind milestone: the European Wind Charter


26 Nations and 300 Companies in Unifying Efforts for a Sustainable Wind Industry

Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson presided over a significant milestone on the 19th of December as 26 national Ministers of Energy and representatives from over 300 wind sector companies embraced the European Wind Charter. This voluntary initiative, a key component of the European Wind Power Package, harmonizes efforts to improve conditions for the European Union’s wind industry.

In response to the European Wind Power Action Plan unveiled in October, 21 Member States have now committed to specific wind energy deployment targets for the period of 2024-2026. While these commitments are non-binding and lack legal standing, they offer a clear and transparent overview of the anticipated wind energy deployment in the coming years, underscoring Member States’ dedication to expediting onshore and offshore installations. The affirmed commitments reflect an optimistic outlook for the EU wind sector, bolstered by recent supportive policies.

The European Wind Charter, alongside these voluntary commitments, signifies a collaborative endeavor towards fostering a sustainable and flourishing wind industry within the European Union.


Picture from Freepik.

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