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03 January 2024

Kitekraft new accomplishment!


First flying wind turbine demonstrator connected to public grid

A few months ago MERIDIONAL partner Kitekraft, a pioneering company in airborne wind energy systems, successfully connected its first demonstrator to the public grid in Oberhaching, near Munich, Germany.
This milestone marks the first-ever integration of a flying-generation, airborne wind energy system with the global public grid.

The connection to the public grid is a crucial step in Kitekraft’s journey towards commercialization. All electricity generated by the system, including energy produced by the prototypes, will be sold to the municipal utility company Gemeindewerke Oberhaching. This marks the inaugural instance in Germany where energy generated from an airborne wind energy system will be monetarily compensated.

The grid connection significantly enhances Kitekraft’s testing capabilities, allowing further flight tests over the upcoming months. These tests aim to refine the fully autonomous flight control, improve efficiency, and validate the technology on a larger scale.

Kitekraft’s innovative approach represents a significant leap forward in renewable energy, promising sustainable solutions for diverse applications and contributing to the global transition towards cleaner and more efficient power sources.


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