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21 September 2023

MERIDIONAL project at the Wind Energy Science Conference 2023 in Glasgow

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The Wind Energy Science Conference is a recurring event held every other year, that serves as a forum for the foremost experts and researchers in the wind energy sector to share their most recent discoveries and encompassing all scientific aspects of wind energy.

The last edition took place on May 23-26, 2023, in Glasgow and on that occasion, MERIDIONAL was presented during the “Airborne Wind Energy” mini symposium by Professor Alessandro Croce from Politecnico of Milan, one of the project technical partners.

Professor Croce presented MERIDIONAL, its updates and some of the outcomes. In the study of high-altitude wind-based electricity generation, MERIDIONAL’s main goal is to enhance the understanding of inflow conditions and so develop more precise models.

“The MERIDIONAL Project is going to develop tools that will be used by two communities: the wind one and the agricultural one” said Professor Croce during his speech.

To learn more about the presentation and the future of Wind Energy, watch the video at this link!

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