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26 May 2023

MERIDIONAL strengthen research collaboration with twin EU Projects AIRE and FLOW


FLOW Project, AIRE Project and MERIDIONAL, three projects funded by the Horizon Europe dedicated call on "Physics and aerodynamics of atmospheric flow of wind for power production' just started their collaboration.

The partnership within similar EU projects can significantly enhance the quality and outcomes of results in several ways: enhancing knowledge sharing, resource utilization, scale, validation, and policy impact.

Moreover, cooperation within research projects allows project teams to share their expertise, experiences, and best practices. This knowledge sharing fosters innovation improves decision-making processes, and helps avoid duplicating efforts.

Collaboration enables the pooling of resources in terms of funding and research efforts. This allows for larger-scale projects that can tackle more complex challenges and have a more significant impact.

By working together, projects can achieve better outcomes, accelerate the energy transition, and contribute to developing a more sustainable and renewable energy landscape in Europe.

The newly started EU projects will be presented at the Technology Workshop of Wind Europe , to be held in Lyon, France, on 1 and 2 June 2023.

More information on the twin EU Projects can be found
here and here

Stay tuned for details on the future of wind energy and the transition towards clean energy production and climate change.

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