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26 October 2023

NAWEA/WindTech 2023 Conference


From October 30th to November 1st, MERIDIONAL will participate in the NAWEA/WindTech 2023 Conference.

Once a year, experts from diverse countries convene in North America for the North American Wind Energy Academy/WindTech 2023 Conference.
The event serves as a platform for the exchange of experiences, ideas, and knowledge among participants, fostering collaborative innovation within the renewable energy sector.

The conference unites wind energy students, faculty, and researchers with industry, government, and nonprofit representatives from around the globe. The meeting provides an opportunity to discuss various topics within the sector and engage with diverse experiences and expertise.

During this edition we will discuss about:

  • Wind Turbine Wake Modelling
  • Turbine Structures, Loads, and Aerodynamics
  • Airborne Wind
  • Offshore Wind Plant Modeling
  • Wind Energy Operations Optimization

This year TU Delf will represent MERIDIONAL in the session on October 31st. During this panel PhD researchers Dylan Eijkelhof, Rishikesh Joshi and Jelle Poland will delve into the topic of airbone wind energy; together with Oriol Cayon, a fellow PhD researcher, who will personally represent our project.


If you want to know more about the conference, check the program here!

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