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31 October 2023

“The wind farm as a sensor”


New paper from the Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has recently released a new paper regarding a method to identify the heterogenous flow characteristics that develop within a wind farm in its interaction with the atmospheric boundary layer.

In the paper titled “The wind farm as a sensor: learning and explaining orographic and plant-induced flow heterogeneities from operational data” researchers introduce a different approach to optimize wind farms.

The method treats the entire wind farm as a sensor network, using data from turbines to understand flow characteristics. By combining engineering models with data-driven corrections and advanced techniques, the study significantly improves wind farm predictions and sheds light on complex flow behaviors. This research promises to boost wind farm efficiency and clean energy production, making strides in renewable energy advancements.

Authors: Robert Braunbehrens, Andreas Vad, Carlo L. Bottasso


Read the full paper here!

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