Wind farm flow control

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18 January 2024

“Wind farm flow control: prospects and challenges”


What are the grand challenges of wind energy? Some of the MERIDIONAL's partners answered this question through a new publication. "Wind farm flow control: prospects and challenges" presents the key research areas to boost the wind energy sector.

The main challenge of the wind energy sector is the wind farm flow control, meaning the optimisation of the plants and the maximisation of their production. This implies a series of more specific challenges, such as increasing energy extraction, reducing structural loads, improving the balance of systems, and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

The challenge is arduous, given the many variables. These include the complex physics of turbulent flows in wind farms and the atmosphere, uncertainties related to predicting structural load and failure statistics, and the highly multi-disciplinary nature of the overall design optimisation problem.

The paper “Wind farm flow control: prospects and challenges”, a result of the collaboration between several partners from MERIDIONAL, aims to provide an overview of the state of the art of the wind energy sector, as well as its challenges. The publication also presents the key research areas that could further enable commercial uptake and success of wind farm control solutions.

Read the full paper here!

Or watch the video “Grand Challenges of Wind Energy”

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